Did you always want to do the unexpected? Sue Bohle did!

One of the first media professionals to recognize the potential of serious games in eLearning, Sue Bohle is a pioneer and industry leader. She is executive director of the Serious Games Association and produces the Serious Play Conference, an annual gathering of thought leaders who share information and mentor eLearning professionals to advance the industry.

Her family was rooted in the sciences; she became a teacher but, it didn’t last. She needed something that would stimulate her brain so, she went to grad school. Her first job with
Burson-Marsteller was completely Mad Men-like. She was the only woman in the room. Drinks were had at lunch. She worked late every day—she had to work harder because she was a woman. There were 6 executives and she made it a point to learn from each of them.

Sue really broke through as the first woman exec at J. Walter Thompson Co., helping the firm develop a public relations presence in Los Angeles. She was determined to work harder than anyone else—worked all the way through pregnancy. Within three years, she became JWT’s first vice president on the West Coast and a year later, the first woman in Los Angeles to be named general manager of an office of an international PR firm. Later, she headed the Los Angeles office of Ketchum Communications.

Managing a family, managing a career, then starting her own agency, Sue opened the award-winning The Bohle Company in 1987, known as the largest technology public relations agency in Southern California and in the top 50 independent PR firms nationally. She recognizes an opportunity when it presents itself. “I just brazenly did it,” Sue remarks. Her career advice while raising kids: “Fear of failure kept me motivated. It was exhausting, but if you can get through the first 4 years, you’ll be okay.” She says it’s more do-able today than it ever as been…it’s all about accomplishment and relationships.

“There’s no substitute for hard work and accomplishments through high standards but, it’s important to develop relationships.”

Sue’s latest endeavor: https://seriousplayconf.com