Cecilie Korst is a corporate escapee, Air Force veteran, and New Media CEO. She has connected the dots, and (full disclosure) she is also the Executive Producer of this show. Listen to how she quit everything to form Chapelure Media, why fun is the best thing to have, and why it’s okay to be a magpie and love shiny things (like tiaras).

Cecilie likes to connect the dots backwards and promised to share her graphic worksheet that she produced in order to understand her career, pick out the fun, and set future goals so she ALWAYS has fun in the future. Check it out. There is also a pdf link on the Transcripts page.

Cecilie is a 22-year Air Force Veteran: cyber operations, civil engineering, internal communications. She has civilian experience in corporate communications, project management, LEAN, 6-Sigma, sales, web design, research, SEO, SEM. Runs Chapelure Media, LLC, which is her pride and joy (plus, it keeps her off the streets). Learn more at http://chapeluremedia.com/index.html 

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