Janelle Saar, pilot, business consultant, entrepreneur, and coach. Janelle never stays in the boxes but empowers thousands to find their path through her website and personal coaching practice.

Janelle Saar is a rare find in a combination of the analytical and logical head space and the feeling, loving and nurturing of the heart space. Her journey to remembering who she is and living life fully is as diverse as she is. Janelle has traveled many paths, some that were adventurous and she has taken some wrong turns along the way. Janelle doesn’t really fit into any traditional boxes. Actually one of her biggest accomplishments is not fitting into those boxes?after all they are way too confining!

Her first step was to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Aviation Technology. She became a pilot and pilot instructor at the age of 19, receiving commendations for her academic and teaching abilities. In her next phase of life, she spent 10 years in leadership roles in the aviation industry and became certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt.

In 2010, Janelle left the aviation industry and founded a consulting company, Strategic Improvement Group. Janelle and her team work with entrepreneurs and leaders in many different industries to build successful businesses, streamline operations, develop leadership skills, and create cultures that inspire employees to give their best. Janelle’s ideal clients are entrepreneurs and leaders who want to make a positive difference in the world.

Though she had achieved success as a pilot, business consultant, and entrepreneur, Janelle wanted more. She turned to a coach and began a journey of personal transformation, self-discovery, and spiritual evolution.

In 2011, Janelle completed an intensive certification program to become a professional life coach. To complete one of her assignments?to “make a difference”?she created a movement, Hearts on Hands. The mission is to inspire transformation by focusing on the power of love, light, hope, and positive energy. (Sign up here for Janelle’s daily “Love Winks from the Universe.”) Her efforts began a global movement, which taught Janelle powerful lessons?namely that the smallest act can have a big impact on one person, and that changing one life can change the world!

Janelle became inspired to create a sacred container where women can find sisterhood and unconditional love and light. In 2012, In Power Sisterhood was born?an organization dedicated to awakening women to their amazing essences and inspiring them to live in their passion, power, and purpose. You can read more about In Power Sisterhood here, receive a free gift, “Affirmations of an Awakened Woman,” or join In Power Sisterhood on Facebook.

Janelle’s ability to inspire people goes beyond typical self-help, personal development or expanding leadership skills. She’ll help you experience parts of you that have been dormant waiting to be awakened. She believes it’s every women’s birthright to live life overflowing with everything their heart desires. Janelle has a profound gift to awaken the best parts of you, those you know are inside you and even some parts you may not know exist.

Janelle’s an entrepreneur, a coach, a sister to 2 sisters who she shares parents with and more than 170,000 she shares her heart with through In Power Sisterhood. She loves building and transforming businesses and being a Mom to her dog Crash and her cat Forrest. She’s a spiritual evolutionist, a leader, a speaker and the author of the book, The Essence of Being a Woman. Janelle has coached and inspired women from all walks of life from executives to moms to business owners and women facing challenging times while living in a homeless shelter. Her greatest fulfillment in life is watching women reconnect to their inner passion, power, and purpose.

Website: https://inpowersisterhood.com/

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