We have three guests this week: Monica Lomenzo, Emily Buczko, and Executive Producer Cecilie Korst. We talk about the holiday and tell family secrets. We cover turkey cannons, burying cranberry sauce in the snow, baking turkey in paper bags, and the 107-pound pumpkin pie. We also cover planning ahead, avoiding the fire department call, and expecting the unexpected.

Quick tips:

Don’t thaw out your turkey in the swimming pool.

Use an unmarked paper bag.

Don’t make a gravy Molotov Cocktail.

Avoid steam facials when taking the bird’s temperature.

Don’t cut your pumpkin with a knife – an ax works better.

We uncover a bit of information about Kathleen and her inner Martha Stewart, but we also now know how to bake the perfect turkey and how to make gravy confidently (but we are still buying a backup). Finally, don’t forget that sometimes “knowledge is sometimes just information.”

Our guests:

Monica Lomenzo is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef with experience in the corporate culinary team at Williams Sonoma, and caterer to the stars at the Oscars Governors Ball. She tries to explain things on this cast, and the rest of the panel try to understand.

Emily Buczko is an experienced student leader and mentor at UC Santa Cruz. She is studying Economics and statistics and expects to graduate in 2018. Emily spills some family secrets and tells tales of turkeys in “time-out.”

Cecilie Korst is the Executive Producer of The Dots Podcast and CEO of Chapelure Media. She has some experience with planning ahead for the holiday to a ridiculous degree and will try not to have an A&P tattooed turkey this year.

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