The UNESCO Center of Peace named Maura Sweeney Ambassador of HappinessĀ®. This title was bestowed on her at the first annual Nelson Mandela Day in 2015.

This Ambassador of HappinessĀ® is an Author, Podcaster, and HuffPost Blogger. Following a career in corporate leadership developing other people and their talents into positive, winning cultures, Maura turned to domestic life and home schooling a growing daughter. At midlife, she converted her “Living Happy? Inside Out” mantra into a full-time vocation.

Now an International Speaker sharing paradigm shifting views on Leadership, Influence and Emotional Intelligence, Maura has been featured in hundreds of media outlets in the U.S. and overseas. Life didn’t start out this way, but she was on a journey to create something better. Maura writes engaging stories, inspiring thoughts and some secrets about turning one’s dreams into reality? at any age and regardless of circumstances.

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