Drew Ackerman is “Dearest Scooter” and has a voice that puts people to sleep nightly on the Sleep With Me Podcast. Sleep With Me Podcast is a thrice-weekly podcast that began airing October 18, 2013. Sleep With Me Podcast is meant to distract listeners, keeping their minds occupied when they experience insomnia, while gently lulling them to sleep.

Ackerman is open about his own struggles with insomnia; he has said that his rambling storytelling style began in childhood, when he told his brothers boring bedtime stories when they couldn’t sleep. He names The Dr. Demento Show, Kurt Vonnegut, and the Beastie Boys as some of his influences. Ackerman describes his storytelling style as “the good type of weird but not creepy.” He does not claim to have expertise in psychology or sleep science, and he relies on feedback from listeners to shape the podcast.

Each episode begins with Ackerman, in character as “Dearest Scooter,” introducing the podcast. He then mentions the episode’s sponsors; singer-songwriter Jonathan Mann, AKA the “Mystery Bard,” often sings a “lullaby” jingle about one of the sponsoring companies. Scooter continues with a rambling introduction for a few minutes before moving on to the episode’s main story. Each episode ends with Scooter saying, “Thank you and goodnight” to listeners who have recently donated to the show or contacted him on social media.

Ackerman also maintains a separate podcast playlist of older episodes, called Sleep to Strange, that have had the introductions removed so listeners can listen to just the main story.