Jonathan Pritchard is a Corporate Mentalist & Speaker for Fortune 500 Companies and Innovative Businesses like StateFarm Insurance, WeWork International, General Assembly, Avant Credit, and more. He’s entertained the troops stationed overseas, appeared on America’s Got Talent, was hand-picked to consult with Criss Angel, performed on Vegas main stages, and appeared at hundreds of colleges & universities.

After his shows, people would tell him, “You are living the dream getting to travel and have fun! I can’t even imagine getting to do that.” And it was that phrase that unlocked everything. Jonathan realized people really couldn’t imagine how he went about building his life & business. He would talk with them for hours about the psychology of why we do what we do, and how they could have the life they’ve always wanted. These were his first coaching clients.

Today, he not only shares his talents, but teaches people from all over the world the inner workings of human psychology that they can use to improve their communication, networking, negotiation, sales, and personal skills. His presentations are a unique mix of mind-blowing entertainment, and world-class insight that empowers the audience to make real lasting change.

Ask yourself, “How would my life be better if I could read minds?” Jonathan can help with that.

He’s also the author of “[Learn] Like A Mind Reader: Strategies for learning anything at the speed of thought. Earn more money, defeat procrastination, strengthen your relationships, improve your memory, and more.” and “Perfect Recall: How to Create an Incredible Memory.” Workshops for both are available to small & large groups.

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