Stacy Brookman believes that life storytelling is a healing process that employs the very language we use to construct meaning and purpose in our everyday lives. With words. Stacy claims, “It’s powerful beyond measure because when you truly start to understand how these words and stories affect the way we think and act, you suddenly have the tools to change your life. You become more resilient. Life Happens…Life Storytelling Transforms It!”

Stacy knows first-hand that it can be one of the hardest things to do to get past those difficult times in life. In 2010, she was in the middle of a several-years-long divorce with a sociopath. It was the lowest point in her life, so she knows that it’s hard recovering after the bottom drops out from under you, trying to piece together who you really are, or finally listening to your own intuition again after being silenced for so long?and living in freedom as an authentic person. Bu Stacy insists that it is possible. It took her years to finally be authentic because she was bogged down by self-doubt, trying to please other people, trying to just get by, and to move on as if nothing affected her. Stacy told herself, “I’ll make it through” and “I can do this!” but she kept making the same mistakes over and over again.

She realized this only by doing the inner work necessary. She started digging into what her life stories were and that’s what truly created her ability to change her life story ? to become more authentic and free to be who she really is.

Stacy Brookman has a guide for telling your life story on her website,, a podcast called “Real Life Resilience,” and a free webinar that helps you write the first chapter of your life story in 7 days.