Paul Kortman and his family live a location-independent lifestyle.

He’s a certified Nerd, having spent 12 years in the IT jungle. He’s figured out a thing or two about digital marketing and started Connex Digital Marketing in 2010. Just three months later he founded his second company Bulko, and a year later went on to start his third company Both of these companies focused on collaborative consumption. A concept that drives large organizations like Airbnb and FlipKey.

But what people say the most about Paul is that he can connect the dots, he is nerdy enough to know the nitty-gritty details of search engine algorithms yet personable to explain the high level of those details in such a way that people can understand and take steps to improve without his further assistance. He likes to blog about search engine and social media marketing.

Paul is also passionate about travel. He, his wife and 4 children have chosen a life of location independence. In early 2014, they sold their house and most of their possessions and are making a home as they go. They are location independent and loving it.

They homeschool and Paul’s business is all virtual/digital so as long as he has an internet connection they can continue to make the same income they made while owning a house. The family is choosing to improve their quality of life through travel and opening their kids’ eyes to a broader worldview.

While they were doing research and planning for their ’round-the-world trip as a digital nomadic family, they discovered a lack of support for full time traveling families. The struggles of culture shock, the thought of raising kids in a community that doesn’t speak English.

“We were seeking people who have done this before, what are the tips, the advice, the possible pitfalls in what they were doing.”

They had no place to ask these questions, so upon completing their inaugural trip, they wrote a guidebook to help other families who were interested in living a similar lifestyle. They now have a podcast and are here to support other families committed to pursuing their dream lifestyle.

The Kortmans are currently over-landing in an RV through Mexico heading for Ecuador and blog about it at Home Along the Way.

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