Alyshia Ochse grew up in Northern Kentucky, where she spent her tomboy childhood playing sports and secretly writing poetry. As a true Scorpio, she enjoyed observing the spirited vulnerabilities and mysteries of human beings. A gifted soccer player, Alyshia competed at the state level starting at an early age collecting numerous championship titles with her traveling team. A bad knee injury in her senior year of high school abruptly ended her athletic career. With her athletic aspirations stripped and the tragic death of her best friend, her identity was in question. Until she found pen and paper.

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Alyshia’s book “Life Letters,” with its monthly focus, guides and empowers you to evolve your life in a positive manner. This program is the “next level of living” you might not even know you’ve been seeking.

“I began my journey for life’s answers out of desperation to hear that voice. I was curious about the woman I could become, if only I were brave enough to listen to my internal voice.”

Alyshia is a seeker of personal evolution. The process which she calls Life Letters developed out of a time when she didn’t know herself, when she felt both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by her own existence. Life Letters gave her the proper focus to explore different aspects of herself. Life Letters fosters the pursuit of self-fulfillment in a simple, manageable way via specially-focused letters written to ourselves just once a month.

Alyshia is a working actress who came to Los Angeles at age 22. She is best known as “Lucy” opposite Academy Award Winner, Matthew McConaughey, from the critically-acclaimed and Golden Globe-nominated True Detective, as well as her roles in Satisfaction, How I Met Your Mother, Hart of Dixie, General Hospital, and Life Sentence. Alyshia’s other credits include roles in such movies as The Other Woman, Parker, Marauders, and the highly anticipated indie film, She’s in Portland.

Alyshia has her own podcast about the entertainment business called “That One Audition.” A champion of female content, she has bonus episodes called the “Lish Dish,” telling the stories of her acting career that relate to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

You can find out more about Alyshia Ochse on her website: http://alyshiaochse.comĀ 

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