Dr. Lars Dingman, World Renowned Top 10 “iTunes Psychic,” can foretell a subject’s future simply by knowing the last three songs the person randomly heard, and it works! He zones in on host Kathleen Buczko and producer Cecilie Korst with hyper-accuracy. His insight blew their minds!

Dr. Dingman has performed his insightful, intentionally humorous, shows at Universities and Institutes around the world, and broadcast his popular podcast from iconic clubs including; The Improv, The Laugh Factory, Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The Comedy Shrine.

Using previously unknown psychic methods purportedly gleaned from Tesla’s ‘lost’ personal journals Dr. Dingman is able to decipher the sentient UNIVERSE’s advice for each of his subjects.

“Sound… energy… matter. It’s all Vibration. SOUND is VIBRATION,” Dr. Dingman explains. “According to Tesla, all the objects we handle daily, pick up the unique “energy Imprint” of their owner.” “By randomly hearing songs, you allow the UNIVERSE to “select” your songs for you, bringing you and your object into harmonic alignment, thereby creating an energetic connection between the inanimate object and the very animated person. This allows the UNIVERSE ? which is alive and sentient, to communicate directly with people all over the globe.”

Learn more about Dr. Dingman at www.itunespsychic.com

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