Most people long to buy a home, own a new car, get a great job, and live in a nice community. Author Michael Levitt had all of those things and lost them all in an instant. Through a challenging journey, Michael learned how to rise above the struggles and renew his focus on what really matters. He tells us the story behind his book, 369 Days, where he discovered the difference between owning things and things owning him.

Michael Levitt has over a 25 years experience career in leadership, healthcare, finance and information technology. He has led community engagement, fundraising, and government engagement, which led to thousands of patients getting access to primary healthcare, reducing emergency room visits.

Michael served on the Board of Directors for the Mississauga-Halton CCAC. He has the LEAN Health Care Yellow Belt designation through Ontario Hospital Association. Michael studied accounting and management at Walsh College. In 2010, he became a certified crisis intervention trainer, from Canadian Training Institute. He is also a graduate of Rotman Healthcare Advanced System Leadership program.

369 Days

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