Holly Worton is the business mindset alchemist. She helps women entrepreneurs release their fear of visibility, step into their greatness, and take easy inspired action to build their business. Creating the business of your dreams is easy when you transform your mindset.

Holly is an author and business mindset coach for women entrepreneurs. She works with women feeling stuck and frustrated because they don’t have a steady stream of clients. Holly helps them release their fear of visibility, set aligned prices for their products and services, and take inspired action to grow their business.

Her first solo title is a short book titled Business Beliefs: 600+ Beliefs That Make Up a Successful Business Mindset and is the first in a series of practical titles to help entrepreneurs with their business mindset. It was followed by Business Blocks: How to Identify and Release Your Blocks to Create a Successful Business Mindset.

Holly believes that it’s usually not lack of business or marketing knowledge that holds us back in business: that’s all easy to learn. It’s our entrepreneurial mindset that stops us from creating the business we want. If you’ve ever struggled with self confidence, self esteem, or even setting prices that reflect your true value, then it may be time to explore how you can transform your subconscious beliefs into a mindset ready to create success. There are many fast and easy ways to move past the fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs toward your vision of your ideal business…the first step is to recognize the fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs that make up your current business mindset.

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