Raegan Payne is an award winning playwright currently working on a new play for The Scripps Ranch Theatre’s New Works Studio. Her plays have been produced and performed around the world? from Lagos, Nigeria to LosAngeles, CA, to London, UK.

Raegan is also an activist and an actor who grew up in the hills of Kentucky. Her blog TheGoodMuse.com has been featured in numerous magazines including Readers Digest, Ladies Home Journal and American Way as well as newspapers, podcasts, and other blogs.

She talks about lifestyle, storytelling, news, privilege, politics, women’s roles, and being an introvert. She wants to tell stories of people who aren’t stereotypical – people not from the east and west coasts, but from rural communities – stories that deserve to be told. She’s currently working on a play about the Madge Oberholtzer case which was played a critical role in the demise of the second incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan.

Her advice: “No” is powerful. You should be goal-focused and say “no” to things that might steer you off that path. Also, actions speak louder than words, and follow-through is important. Mentors are key, but it’s also essential to evaluate what’s important to you and your goals.

Raegan’s website: http://thegoodmuse.com/

Twitter @raeganpayne