Cora Neumann is the founder of the Global First Ladies Alliance. Cora’s experience ranges from the Director of Policy on Women’s Initiatives at, co-founder of the African First Ladies Initiative at the RAND Corporation, to senior advisor at the Economic Bureau of the US State Department. At GFLA she convenes change-makers and leaders in inspiring places around the world to spur a deeper connection to people and place and to galvanize a commitment to action, connecting individuals to self, humanity and the planet so that together, we can reset our collective course to a more resilient future.

For more than 10 years, Cora has collaborated with local and national leaders in more than 30 countries to help them refine and implement their strategies to improve the health and development of their communities and nations.

Cora is a co-founder of Women Up, and of the African First Ladies Initiative. These initiatives, developed in partnership with Secretary Clinton’s International Council on Women’s Business Leadership, RAND Corporation, McKinsey and aim to build individual and collective leadership capacity at scale, forging an active community of committed women leaders who can make the difference.

Since its inception in 2009, the African First Ladies Initiative has worked with multiple U.S. and U.K. first ladies, as well as 24 first ladies from across Africa, to spearhead more than 20 international collaborations in support of first ladies’ efforts to address MDGs across Africa.

Cora recently completed her Franklin Fellowship at the U.S. Department of State. She holds a MPH in global public health from Columbia University and is completing her doctorate in international development at University of Oxford, UK. She sits on numerous advisory committees, including the Millennial Trains Project, Advanced Development for Africa, Scholastic Foundation and Yale Child Study Center.


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