Kim Ellis, Director of Earth Space Technology Pty Ltd, is a qualified resource industry research scientist,  lawyer and is an Adjunct Faculty member for the International Space University (ISU).  Currently an International Law Ph.D. candidate with Western Sydney University, her thesis is related to the determination of fault for commercial space operations.  Recently appointed as a NASA Postdoctoral Program Reviewer and a member of the American Bar Association Forum on Air and Space Law, Kim has an extensive international network of Space and Scientific industry leaders which continue to grow. 

Her career in Metals and Mineral Processing Research began in the Hunter with BHP-Billiton at the Newcastle Steelworks.  When the BHP-Billiton technology team restructured, Kim was employed by ANSTO, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation at Lucas Heights with the minerals research team. Since then, Kim has received qualifications as a lawyer in Australia.

After receiving a European scholarship for an international research project in 2010 and completion of the International Space University Space Studies 9 week residential program in France, Kim has continued to work for the International Space University (ISU) publishing a range of legal and technical papers, presenting technical workshops for space industry professionals. 

In 2014, Kim served as the Department Chair for the Space Policy, Economics and Law in Montreal for the Space Studies Program and co-presented a Geopolitical aspects of Military Space Applications workshop and supported the French Space Agency Satellite Negotiations workshop in the USA in 2015, leading to her appointment as Adjunct Faculty in 2015.    

 Characterised as a ‘Space Lawyer, Science and Technology Expert’, Kim speaks regularly about Space, Science, Technology and Law on numerous television and radio programs both domestically and internationally and is passionate about communicating the benefits of space technology and applications in ‘plain English’ for the general public.  

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