Ruth Klein is one of the most creative Integrative Brand Strategists and Productivity Coaches for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Authors and Professionals today. She is the president of the award-winning firm, Expert Celebrity™ Branding, a results-oriented performance strategic branding and marketing firm.

Ruth has increased the bottom line of a 30-person law firm over $1 Million in under 13 months and helped entrepreneurs reclaim a minimum of 5 times their investment…often exceeding 10-20 times their original investment. Her authors have hosted PBS Specials, receive paid speaking gigs & create 6 & multi-6 figure businesses, all centered around their books and expertise.

Ruth holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and is the author of six best-selling books. She has appeared in O: The Oprah Magazine and has been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, Reader’s Digest,Washington Post online to name a few.

Ruth helps experts, authors and entrepreneurs to become Expert Celebrities™ through the process of writing, launching and marketing their books & businesses.

Find out more at and follow her on social media.

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