After spending more than 30 years in the corporate world, developing and leading teams and making every mistake a senior leader could make, Paul Larsen learned from those failures and many successes and created the “Find Your VOICE” leadership model.

Leaders with an authentic V-O-I-C-E provide a clear leadership vision for their teams and create a trusted leadership brand. This is exactly what Paul delivers to his executive coaching clients based on his time-tested approach to leadership development. He coaches leaders to discover their values and crystalize their vision so they can make the behavioral changes that will lead to their preferred outcomes. Paul empowers leaders to be courageous in decision-making and to engage their influence for lasting, measurable results.

In an intuitive yet pragmatic manner, Paul is adept at finding leaders’ strengths and enabling them to adapt, thrive and lead successfully in complex organizational and business environments. With an in-depth understanding of organizational and cultural dynamics, he inspires leaders to project a clear and confident voice. Known as a seasoned executive coach, Paul acts as a catalyst for promoting leadership presence, leadership development, communication, and team collaboration. Among his other coaching proficiencies are organizational effectiveness, change and succession management, transition, and strategic planning.

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