Georgia van Cuylenburg is the founder and executive director of Arts Bridging the Gap, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles. Their mission is to bring top quality arts programs and experiences to children in underserved communities in order to improve their quality of life, academic success, and future prospects.

Georgia is a rare talent who, at her young age, is a successful and credited Comedian, TV host, actor and voice-over artist. Through her production company “I am Spartacus Entertainment”, she is also a credited writer and producer. She is a little Aussie with a huge heart and smile, and an even bigger passion for all things that bring laughter and happiness to the kids (old and young) around the world!

Georgia was the host and creator of the kid’s award-winning TV show My Magical World (2008) and was also the host of the children’s game show That’s Funny! She writes for, and mentors, a number of young child stars. She also dedicates a large amount of her time, as a motivational comedian and mentor, to working with underprivileged children around America. Georgia is also the lead voice for one of the top rated video games in the World – Final Fantasy XIII (released March 9, 2010)- a Billboard of her character measuring ten stories tall was featured as part of the games’ promotion in downtown LA. She is also the voice of “Angelina Ballerina”, “Jakers the Pig” and the narrator/First Mate in “Finding Nemo, the Musical” and “Nemo and Friends Submarine Adventure” at Walt Disney World and Disney Land.

As a stand-up Comedian, she can be seen at the Improvs, The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory… and many other clubs around California. She has also appeared regularly on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003). Additionally, she had a soldout one-woman show in the Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival in 2007.

Georgia’s most recent entertainment project was a TV documentary, Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down and is about Georgia’s diagnosis with Alopecia areata, a type of hair loss condition.