Puja A. J. Thomson is an educator, author, healing facilitator, and interfaith minister of natural healing. Through extensive training, education and experience – spanning three continents and four decades – Puja has developed a unique blend of dynamic techniques to assist people facing change or challenges.


Puja made the U.S. her home in 1978 on marriage. She was born and educated in Scotland at George Watson’s College, and the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland, earning diplomas in Education, Religious Education and Group and Community Work. Following her Gulbenkian Fellowship at the National Institute of Social Work Training in London, UK, she returned to Edinburgh to contribute to an innovative interdisciplinary team in the School of Community Studies, followed by 4 years as Organizer for the Training of Children’s Panel Members in the East of Scotland (a new system of juvenile justice) based at the University of Edinburgh. She traveled to India and Sri Lanka, where she explored spirituality and meditation. Puja continued training in the U.S. in e.g. hands-on energy healing and massage therapy.

Puja has been fed by many roots. From the Ancient Celtic World she experienced interdependence with all in nature’s great circle of life, along with delight in song, poetry, imagination and mystery. From the Old World of her Scottish youth, she learned much from its history, culture and lineage about the search for freedom.  In the Third World of India and Sri Lanka, she was nourished by the gift of simplicity – a smile, a flower, life itself. There she was greatly influenced by meditating in the energy field of a Master – Osho. In the New World of North America, she learned to hitch her wagon to a star, opening up to new possibilities.  She became a United States citizen in March 2018.

In 1994, she was ordained as a Minister of Natural Healing by Rev. Roslyn L. Bruyere in the Healing Light Center Church which honors all pathways to the divine and holds the belief that true healing lies at the crossroads of science and spirituality.