Even though I have spent my career in public service, I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset by pushing boundaries and establishing bold visions. This showed up in many accomplishments such as my work as a senior advisor at the white house office of management in budget where I had the chance to influence government policy. Dr. Karen Hardy was the first African American female to hold the title of Director of Risk Management and Deputy Chief Risk Officer for one of the cabinet-level agencies.

Dr. Hardy has a fascinating background including producing a 4-time Emmy winning documentary film about Veterans with PTSD and the K9s that support them. The film “A New Leash on Life:  The K9s for Warriors Story” is on Amazon Prime and soon to be seen on PBS stations across the country.

Dr. Hardy also is the author of 4 books and of the award-winning textbook in risk management. She recently received her industry’s Hall of Fame Award.

She is the producer of the Flip This Risk branded video series on LinkedIn and is a sought after speaker, author, and advisor.

Dr. Hardy received her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Human Resource Development from Nova Southeastern University and is a Certified Risk Management Professional.