Funny, not filthy, Marc Yaffee’s relevant and relatable humor skewers sacred cows, dissects societal stupidities and confronts common frustrations, all with humanity and humor.

Born in East LA at White Memorial Hospital, this Mexican-Irish-Navajo (“Mexijo”) was adopted at birth by a Mexican mother and a Jewish father. As a young adult, Marc waffled between journalism school and law school before deciding to try his hand at screenwriting. Later, broke and discouraged, Marc took a temporary job with the Department of Motor Vehicles that lasted a mere 12 years. Marc opened his own traffic school in the mid-90s. Realizing that he could entertain a captive audience of traffic violators, Marc decided to try his hand at a comedy club open mic and never looked back.

Marc is a gifted writer and performer, delivering original comedy, inspired by his multi-cultural upbringing and Native roots. His diverse comedy career has landed him in 43 states and 11 countries spanning 4 continents. Additionally, Marc may be the only comedian with the distinction of air, land and sea comedic credits. He’s entertained Alaska Airlines passengers at 30,000 feet, performed on a flat-bed truck for U.S. Marines in Iraq (while getting his head shaved), and done comedy for Holland America Cruise ship passengers on the high seas.

Marc continues to expand his comedy footprint as he tours the world performing for an ever-growing, diverse fan base.

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