Gael McCool helps people turn their problems into a powerful source of purpose. She is an inspirational teacher, guide, and developer of tools for personal transformation.

For over 35 years she has taught individuals, executives, and companies to engage the life-changing powers of self-awareness, accountability, and conscious choice to make a difference in themselves and in the world around them. She is the founder, President, and Chief Creative Coach at FEEL Inc.

In her book, Be Wise Now, Gael McCool helps you discover—and learn to use—your natural and acquired gifts and strengths so you can deal decisively with the obstacles that life delivers daily to your doorstep and inbox.

By learning how to listen faithfully to the deep wisdom that already resides inside you, you’ll begin to realize that no hurt has ever destroyed your essence and that no challenge or setback has ever truly beaten you.  

After reading this helpful guide, you’ll know how to honor and make use of the life lessons and opportunities that have—and will continue to—come your way. You’ll be empowered to engage in conscious living as you transform yourself and the world around you.