Lauren Polly is many things, a Certified Speech Language Pathologist who runs a hospital department; a Coach who empowers college students, individuals and businesspeople; a gifted speaker and author. Chiefly what she is, is an inspiration: someone who stirs people to be more proactive, find their way, and make the proverbial lemonade out of what we’re handed.


Lauren knows this all too well as she was handed quite a few lemons throughout her own life. One of the most notable was her mental health diagnosis at a young age. Back then, there were no holistic practitioners to recommend healthy alternatives like meditation, and she spent much of her life “in maintenance mode.” Her recent memoir, The Other Side of Bipolar, relates Lauren’s life story as she emerged from sickness and heavy medication, learned to love and trust herself, and developed her unique strengths. Coming out the other side, Lauren managed to pursue her Master’s degrees and then build multiple business interests, wonderful accomplishments that sprung from one another.

“Sometimes things that don’t look so good from another’s perspective can actually be good for you,” Lauren says of her past, and the way she now helps clients move beyond traumatic events.

Lauren became a coach through Access Consciousness which is an energetics-based system with practical tools for everyday life. She has been a facilitator for them since 2011.She further developed her own self-assessment tool, which can be viewed on her website, and uses it to support clients as they examine their worth, dismiss labels, and find their direction. “Trust your inner guide and lead your life,” she says is the best route to being happy and thriving.

Lauren will be sharing this kind of wisdom through a new online community she is launching. It’s just one more way this bighearted coach helps people open up, share their feelings and stories, and learn to move forward in their lives.

Laruen is very aware, so much so that she considers herself an empath. In her radio show, she will discuss her deep perception and how she uses that to bond with clients. She will also relate the story of how she broke out of the bipolar mold, learned all that was right with her, and discovered her personal power. Nowadays Lauren Polly proudly empowers others–as a team manager, speaker, stirring author and life coach.